FASTWEB (Broadband Provider)

Fastweb had a static transactional based points collection loyalty program, it was not engaging and had very little cut through outside of business customers on flat contracts. The programme also did not support the Fastweb value proposition of being a progressive, forward thinking Telecoms Company.

There was a very real need to develop a new loyalty proposition which would engage emotionally with customers and promote a positive experience whilst developing a continuous relationship with customers,- and it needed to be done in a creative and innovative manner.

All Fastweb customers register at liveFAST either through a desktop mobile responsive site or via the mobile APP. Customers need to complete activities each month, which would result in gaining access to a suite of relevant rewards and participation in a monthly competition prize draw. Reward and prize offerings are refreshed monthly and are predominantly experiential and digital based - delivering what customers want and driving strong customer engagement.

More than 200.000 rewards were “enjoyed” by customers and the engagement rate has been very positive, reducing churn and increasing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Industry Recognition
The success of the campaign has been recognised by wining and being shortlisted for the following awards:
  • 1st Prize: Unicom 2016, L'Italia che comunica con le Promozioni
  • 1st Prize: NC Awards 2017, Promotioal Campaign
  • 1st Prize: Promotion Awards 2017, Loyalty Innovation
  • 1st Prize: NC Awards 2018, Loyalty Telecommunications