Established in 2016 as an alternative to stale points-based programmes, The Loyalty Company has rapidly established itself as an industry innovator. The key to greater engagement is our global portfolio of lifestyle rewards; world-class creative and best in class technology, all working as one, to deliver customer-centric programmes that provide outstanding value, change customer behaviours and help build brand equity.


Our philosophy and actions are all geared towards building and deploying engaging and personalised customer loyalty programmes. Our unique rewards and experiences deliver clear ROI and improved brand metrics. We start with a big creative idea, develop a compelling strategy and bring it to life through a leading technology platform and lifestyle incentives. We then monitor your customer’s transactional (and importantly non-transactional) behaviour to create customer-centric programmes that align with your brand promise. This formula builds programmes that customers want to be a part of.

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Highly targeted, brand-led strategy & execution designed to deliver award-winning results

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Developed over 20 years our networks deliver unparalleled lifestyle experiences that customers desire

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At The Loyalty Company, we have a best in class tech solution that allows for a modular approach, which lets us tailor a solution to your specific needs, from a full real-time enterprise solution to a light touch, batch approach.


Our rewards tap into TLC’s 20-year inventory of rewards, offering amazing value due to the global buying power and unique brand partnerships.

Another perennial favourite for families wanting to experience time together or for the growing elder generation, who find themselves with more time on their hands.

We have recruited the best quality independent salons and chains to offer all manner of holistic treatments, from mindfulness to beauty.

The enduring appeal of cinema has made a night out at the movies an evergreen reward and we work with the world’s biggest and best chains.

We’re seeing growing demand as we take more interest in what we eat, how we look and generally take more responsibility for looking after ourselves.

Eating out has always been high on peoples’ agenda and makes it irresistible as a reward. Add our network of take-aways and our dining rewards are gold dust.

Whether your customers are avid golfers or simply want to try their hand at archery or horse riding, our networks of professional coaches and venues prove hard to beat.

With more pressure on parents’ time our activities will keep the kids busy after school or throughout the holidays. A free lesson can save boredom as well as money.

Our offering provides a powerful incentive. Whether you choose from the world’s biggest names or from our smaller networks of boutique accommodation.

Universal • Spotify • Fitbit • Expedia • Burger King • Adidas • Hasbro • Merlin • Photobox • • Anytime Fitness • Oakley • Pathé


The team is a global network of over 50 strategic planners, creatives and loyalty experts all with the same mind-set: Let’s Make Loyalty Work harder! They are supported by TLC’s account handlers, partnership teams and technicians all working hard to deliver innovation and value. Below are a just a few of them:

Mike Brinn

Global Loyalty Director

Mike Brinn is the Global Loyalty Expert at TLC Marketing with over 10 years of experience in the Loyalty industry. He is the driving force behind the development of dynamic loyalty platforms for companies wishing to improve transparency and communication with their customers and stay competitive in the increasingly demanding market place. Mike’s experience lies in driving customer engagement as well as increasing programme participation, by enhancing brand values, improving customer experiences while increasing customer spend and retention. Mike is one of the industry’s biggest advocates for customer-centricity. He believes they should be at the center of all decision-making. His experience has taught him that both successful and sustainable loyalty programmes are about combining the right blend of technology, vision and analytical expertise.

Rob Scott

Group Creative Director

During his career, Rob has developed campaigns in every sector and has been successful at winning a number of awards for them along the way. He has been there during the blood, sweat and tears, the long days and even longer nights. He understands what goes into creating a stand out loyalty scheme from concept, right through to the execution. “If you’ve got everything you need to deliver the loyalty programme, but no creative concept to tie it all together then your customers simply will not engage with your scheme. The creative has got to resonate not just your brand, but with your audience too. Once you have this, your communication plan, incentives and rewards will flow so much easier - making the programme and its intentions; clear from the start. Not just for you, but for your customers too.”

Jeannine Rafferty

Loyalty Strategy and Implementation Director

Jeannine is our Loyalty Strategy and Implementation Director responsible for shaping the strategy of our loyalty programmes across the globe and working with teams to implement these and achieve client objectives. Jeannine has extensive experience in Loyalty and CRM Strategy across some of the biggest brands in the UK. Having previously worked in account management at Aimia and Reward, Jeannine has always had a very strategic focus working with clients from a wide range of industries to design and implement communication strategies, thought leadership workshops and value measurement. A keen interest in customer behaviour is what got Jeannine into marketing and the ability loyalty schemes have to change this behaviour is what drew her to this specific focus area.

Steph Pearson

Loyalty Account Manager

Steph holds a unique position within the team having responsibility for managing, no less than, our IPM Award Winning ‘Relish Rewards’ Program in addition to a major utility provider and forecourt retailer. A born multi-tasker, there is nothing that Steph can’t turn a hand to from project and programme planning, communication strategy to most importantly taking a client and program and nurturing both in tandem. Her background in Visual Merchandising gives her a keen eye for advising on programme content planning and creative messaging to customers.

Possessing a natural instinct for adapting and innovating in a challenging industry, Steph treats each programme as her personal mission and invests the time and effort above and beyond what is required to achieve results for clients.

Chris Kula

Loyalty Director, USA

Chris is responsible for managing our Loyalty business on the other side of the pond in the US and for making sure that the award winning strategy and design of TLC’s The Loyalty Company translates in America. And translate it has! In America, TLC recently was honoured with awards for best loyalty vendor and collected the Platinum award with his client, American Family Insurance for their DreamKeep Rewards program.

Chris’s background in Marketing, Strategic Sales and Client Management make him uniquely suited to see the big picture required to make a loyalty program standout amongst its competition. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the TLC Marketing model of high value low cost experiences and rewards within Loyalty is evident in every interaction he has with clients and internal resources alike.

Jessica Higgins

Loyalty Account Manager

Jessica Higgins is a Loyalty Account Manager with TLC The Loyalty Company. Jessica manages the GAA and Pallas Foods Loyalty programmes and works closely with the client services team in helping to deliver award-winning loyalty programmes.

With over 10 years’ experience working with some of the biggest brands in the marketing industry, Jessica’s experience lies in delivering successful programmes by understanding the customer’s needs and using this knowledge to drive engagement and improve customer experience. She has a passion for health & fitness, lifestyle and an extensive knowledge of the fashion & beauty industries.


TLC Marketing Worldwide is a pioneer and global leader in loyalty, incentive and reward campaigns. Through 19 offices and numerous proprietary networks around the world, TLC create and build effective campaigns that allow brands to outpace their competitors for a fraction of the cost of price led incentives. With a philosophy of “Story Doing For All” TLC provide the experience behind the promise – turning brand positionings into powerful, engaging and award winning campaigns.


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